Quality Policy Statement V19


At Lupa Foods we are fully committed to implementing our Quality Policy throughout our business and work to the following principles:

It is our responsibility to our customers to supply goods which are safe, legal, authentic and of the highest quality. All our products will meet our customers’ needs and expectations and conform to our agreed specifications.

We will only source products from suppliers who can demonstrate the high standards we demand for our customers and who are committed to supplying safe, legal, authentic and quality products.

We work to maintain and improve all internal processes in line with the standard (BRCGS Global Standard for Agents & Brokers)

We strive to operate our business to the highest standards and ensure we provide a safe working environment for our employees.

We value our team, who are encouraged to share the ideas and work collaboratively with each other.

We will take steps to reduce our impact on the environment and move to a more sustainable and inclusive way of doing business.

We are committed to reviewing our policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains effective. This policy is communicated throughout the company and is understood by all staff.

Manish Mandavia