Why Lupa Foods?


Lupa Foods is a UK based full-service B2B partner to the food industry. Our extensive global and domestic sourcing network allows us to offer an impressive selection of over 600 food products and ingredients. But we’re more than just an importer and distributor – we provide comprehensive services encompassing new product development, technical support, procurement, and logistics.

While our roots are deeply embedded in rich Italian tradition, offering everything from pasta and tomatoes to olive oil and balsamic vinegar, our expertise has grown to span the globe.

We’re proud to serve a diverse clientele, including some of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, recipe box providers, wholesalers, and retailers. Innovation and a customer-centric approach is at the forefront of everything we do, and our 120 years’ experience is the foundation we build our customers’ success on.

Welcome to our world of quality, service, and culinary excellence. If you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch!

Lupa Foods - BRCS Agents and Brokers Certified

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What makes us unique

We aim to be an essential partner to the food industry by offering quality ingredients and
leveraging our strengths.

Our finest selection

Lupa Foods offers a superb range of dependably delicious global ingredients across a wide range of food categories.


Original Italian pasta comes in a variety of shapes and forms, and we are proud to offer you more than 80 different types of high-quality pasta, creating near limitless options for your meals.


We source our alcohols, vinegars and oils from Spain and Italy – Southern Europe is globally known for its high-quality produce in this category, and our partnerships with local producers deliver exceptional products at great value.


Beans and pulses are always a spectacular choice – whether you aim to put health into the spotlight or are looking for a great meat-free option for a broad range of dishes, soups and stews, our hand-picked assortment of high-quality beans and pulses covers canned, dried and IQF products.


We supply high-quality tomatoes and a
wide selection of tomato ingredient solutions
– offering the perfect base for your signature
dish. A versatile product across both ethnic
and western cuisines, tomatoes can be used
in a variety of ways – from tasty appetizers,
to main courses and more.

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