Market Report: Giant Couscous November 2023
10 November 2023

The current geopolitical tensions in the Gaza Strip have led to significant disruptions in the Israeli food industry, which has affected the export of Israeli or Giant Couscous to the United Kingdom. This report examines the impact of these disruptions on supply chains and discusses our response in sourcing alternative supplies and recommendations.

Israeli or Giant Couscous is a wheat-based product known for its versatility and nutritional value. The UK’s import of this product has traditionally relied on Israeli exports, positioning it as a value-driven commodity within the food manufacturing sector.

Market Analysis

Prior to the conflict, the UK market experienced a steady demand for Israeli Couscous, often preferred for its texture and taste compared to smaller-grained varieties. The UK has relied heavily on imports from Israel, making the region’s stability a key factor in supply chain reliability. The recent evacuation of agricultural zones and checkpoints challenges in Israel has halted production and exports. Coupled with increased domestic stockpiling, the availability for export has been severely constrained. The halt of shipments from Gaza since early September has led to a notable supply gap in the UK market.

Strategic Alternatives

We have proactively addressed this shortfall by engaging with our Italian supply chain partners to source a comparable Giant Couscous product. This strategic pivot ensures continued supply, albeit at a premium due to the elevated pricing from alternative markets.

Another alternative product is Piombi pasta, which is ideal for food manufacturers seeking a substitute for Giant Couscous. This product replicates the desired culinary characteristics, allowing for seamless integration into existing product lines.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In light of ongoing volatility, we are continuously monitoring the situation and have established contingency plans, including further supply chain diversification and long-term contractual arrangements with alternative suppliers to mitigate future risks. We recommend that stakeholders anticipate temporary market fluctuations and consider the introduction of Piombi pasta as a practical alternative that we currently have in stock. We advise maintaining flexible inventory levels and being prepared for price adjustments.

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